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A 2020 appreciation post?!

Yes, I'll be doing this. I'll be the n-th person to write a little recap of 2020. 2020 has been an interesting year 🤨 on a big scale it was a pretty bad year, but for me personally it has been pretty great honestly. So I just want to take a few moments to appreciate what I have, and why 2020 wasn't so bad for me personally 🙃


I got a new job 🎉

It's with a heavy heart I tell you that I'm leaving EcoOnline. I've been working there for 3 years in total. They picked me up while I was still in college, and they gave me an amazing mentor named Remi Nyborg. He learned me pretty much everything I know, and learned me how to think pragmatically. EcoOnline have provided me with a stable platform to learn, and they have been an amazing group to work with. They have provided me with a lot trust and freedom. But life goes on!


MTBMap Norge (a openstreetmap trailguide)

I've gotten bit by the mountain biking bug 🚵‍♀️ and it's pretty much all I can think about during my off hours. I think about gear, my cardiovascular strength and of course planning my next ride. And the planning part can be quite hard from time to time. I live in a area with lots of trails to ride. But I feel like the trail riding community can be quite secretive about their favorite trails. I can understand that, they want their trails to be theirs😅


Stay active people

During the day I write code. During the evenings and nights I do renovation work at home, I play golf and I do mountain biking 🚵‍♀️


Back at the office

Hey! I'm back at my office 😁 I did not want to write anything about Covid but it's too big to not make its way into Alain's every part of your life... this is not a post about the pandemic, but more about what things I'm taking with me when we slowly return back to normal.


Flutter 1 year later

About a year ago I wrote an article Flutter I don't hate it, and now after a year I would like to revisit that article.


Remote worker part 2

Last september had a pretty big change to how I work. I moved to Oppdal, but I kept my job in Tønsberg. Tønsberg is a 7hour train ride away and there is not too many trains that are conveinent for that travel, a couple of trains a day. There are more trains, but then you'll be looking at 12+hours 😅 What I'm trying to say is: I'm pretty remote for the main office.


This website is written in Swift

“Yeah right” you might think, I can click cmd + alt + i and see that this is just a bunch of HTML files. And yes you are right. This site consists of several HTML files and css (no Javascript!). And to write this website I used.... Xcode.💁‍♂️


Guess the hex

A couple of days ago, I stumbled over this tweet, and I could not stop thinking about it. Soooooo, during lunch today I started to mock it up using Flutter 💙


UI Testing

Previously I posted about my 2.0 update, and today I plan on updating to 2.0.3. I’m still a lone-wolf app developer in my company, and I have now taken the task to push updates every 2 to 3 weeks. These updates can be anything from features to patches and bug squashing.


Working remotely: Part 1

The first of september this year, my girlfriend and I moved. We bought a house in the town of Oppdal, and moved there from Tønsberg. Tønsberg hosts the main offices for EcoOnline, the company I work for, and you might have guessed it: They don’t have any offices in Oppdal😅 Or, as a matter of fact, they have one small 9m2 cell in a building there now. This is my office. It is in a building with more offices, mostly for remote workers or locals with small businesses. And now, I am one of those remote workers.


SwiftUI and Swift Package Manager: Combine!

So, now it's been almost two weeks since WWDC, and we are currently on the second iteration on betas. Today I got the opportunity to experiment with a lot of stuff I don't know too much about: SwiftUI, Combine, Swift Package Manager and Swift. I have played around with Swift before, but I don’t use it often enough to feel comfortable with it. So I figured I should try it all… My feelings going in: “I have no idea what I’m doing”


WWDC — 2019

Now we are a couple of days into DUB DUB (WWDC) — 2019. And one thing got me really exited (Like, I screamed «YEEES!» at the TV), and this on thing was not the Cheese grater Mac Pro, nor the new display; but it was SwiftUI.


I want Flutter to help my colleagues

Once again it’s been a while. Since my last post, I’ve worked a lot with Flutter and Dart. And I still really enjoy it. Since last time, I’ve joined the Flutter community on Discord and Reddit, and this community is amazing. It is filled with amazing talented people, that like to help others when they are stuck on something. Even I have helped some people along the way, and I have learned so much from trying to solve other peoples problems.


Flutter — I don’t hate it

In cross-platform mobile development, we have a couple of alternatives now. My main experience is with React Native, but over the last 4–5 days, I’ve accumulated 17 hours of experience with Flutter (According to Toggl). My inspiration to look more into this technology came from researching Material design, and reading this Medium post.


Learn it the hard way

In the beginning of this month, I enrolled in a Udemy course. It’s a iOS development course, focusing on Swift 4.2. So far I think it’s pretty good. The course is more aimed at new developers, without to much previous experience, but you’ll get asked pretty early on about how much experience you have.


First impressions of developing with Swift

I’m late to the game, I’ve been looking at Swift from a distance, lurking over at /r/swift watching the evolution of the language and the community. This autumn I decided I’d want to learn more of this language, in my previous post I went a bit into why.


My two cents on mobile development

The winter and spring of 2018 I wrote an app for work. You can read about my experience here. The app was developed with the help of React Native, it had a nice learning curve and I could be fairly quick on iterations. For those of you who don’t know what React Native is, the TL;DR is: A framework written by facebook, to write JavaScript using the JSX syntax to write native apps.


Building Eco Archive, a chemical safety app, with Expo

Hello, my name is Bror. I just landed a contract with a company called EcoOnline (in Tønsberg, Norway) as a junior developer. EcoOnline is an IT company dedicated to develop software to improve and simplify chemical safety. Eco Archive is the mobile adaptation of the web app, intended to make information about different chemicals easily accessible for employees in different companies. This is the story on how this app came to life, and the journey I had developing it.