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Speedy - A watch speedgauge

Saturday I woke up, and started my weekend routine. I was watching my regular sports and programming youtube channels. Suddenly it hit me: I should create a app today. And so I did.

Speedy is a very simple Apple Watch app, and it is just an Apple Watch app, standalone, it does not need a phone 🤪 I'm sure you get it. I've been dabbing into SwiftUI, and I think that is my thing in 2020. But I wanted to something else, try out some new API and use only local data 😁

Speedy uses core location data to fetch location data for the watch, and it shows you your speed and the direction you are heading. Again pretty simple. It is free on the app store, and if you feel like looking at 5hours worth of work, feel free to check the repository

Check it out in the AppStore