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Handwashtimer - An Apple Watch app

So, we have a pretty big thing hanging over us now. Where I live (in Norway), a lot of basic infrastructure have now shut down. And for the last week, I have been working on another free app. It's not much, but it might help with remembering to wash you hands. But this is a little thing I can do to help someone out there.

I have seen similar apps on iOS that does this, but this is spesifically for your Apple Watch. When you install the app, you can go into settings, and set a range you want to be remembered within. Also set the interval you want to be remembered at.

I work from home, so I've set my timer to nag me between 0900 and 2100. It notifies me every 3 hours. When you open the app, you can tap the "Wash" button. This sets of a timer for 20 seconds, and you watch will vibrate and make a sound(if your watch is not in silent mode. It will always vibrate) telling you you have washed for the recommended amount of time. If your app is closed it will trigger a notification for when you are done.

I've submitted this app to the AppStore and will update this when it's live along side a new post when its live