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Back at the office

Hey! I'm back at my office 😁 I did not want to write anything about Covid but it's too big to not make its way into Alain's every part of your life... this is not a post about the pandemic, but more about what things I'm taking with me when we slowly return back to normal.

To be honest. Covid haven't really effected me to much. But I have changed some parts of my life. First change is media.

I've changed some parts about how I consume news. Bfc (before Covid) I read all newspapers, and used them for entertainment. Now I read them for info, and I only read one paper (NRK.no) that is state funded. Why? Because I know they don't need sensational headlines to get clicks to earn ad revenue. Nrk don't have ads, and don't make money from clicks. That way I get only relevant news as plain I can get them.

I have also changed when I read news. Bfc I read news multiple times trough the day. Feeling like it was a "productive" entertainment channel. But if you read about something bad all day every day, you will be depressed. I started reading news only in the morning and once in the evening. Instead of reading news as last thing before going to sleep, I now play some Animal Crossing as a mental health exercise 😅

Work also changed a bit. Not much tho to be honest. I have stable income, and have a job that did not really get affected by Covid. Bfc I worked in a office solution as stated in earlier posts. When my country shut down, I moved my stuff home, and created a little home office for my self😁 Now I'm back at the office solution, but I have changed some things. Mostly a mental thing 😅 I now find it easier to work outside me office, and can now start my day at home and do tasks like email and figure out what I should do during the day before I go to the office. This way I get a nice little break both mental and physically before moving into heavier theoretical work😋

I want to continue with my new way of consuming news going forward, and I'm glad I now find it easier to work in multiple locations 😊 and I guess that's the best we can do, learn something about your self, and become a better you. So that you can come back from Covid as a better version of yourself🤓 I know it's cliché, but try to think about it. Have this situation brought something good into your routine and/or life? Focus on that😁 I hope you all are healthy and safe ✌🏼 try to stay active and think about something else from time to time 🤷‍♂️