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I got a new job 🎉

It's with a heavy heart I tell you that I'm leaving EcoOnline. I've been working there for 3 years in total. They picked me up while I was still in college, and they gave me an amazing mentor named Remi Nyborg. He taught me pretty much everything I know, and how to think pragmatically. EcoOnline have provided me with a stable platform to learn, and they have been an amazing group to work with. They have provided me with a lot trust and freedom. But life goes on!

The time in between I knew I was moving up in the mountains, and before I knew I could work remotely. I needed to check out my options. I stumbled over this consulting firm called Variant and they caught my interest. But I got the possibility to work remotely for EcoOnline, and I put the thought aside. But I have been regularly checking in on Variant, because they are very different to other firms I've seen. They are completely open about pay, open and transparent about their financial results to the public. They do talks, team members have podcast. They just peeked my interest.

A few of days ago I attended a technical interview with Variant. And I feel like I nailed it, cus the next day I got a job offer. I could not say no to this offer😅 my stomach told me this was there right thing to do.

I feel like this is a new beginning for me. I moved to a new place, and now I'm starting in a new job. I think consulting can give me a wider range of responsibilities, and help me develop myself as a developer and my people skills.

The new offices are in Trondheim. A city closer to where I live. I will still work partly remotely, but I will go the office a few days a week (depends on what the client needs, but I also want to be with the team and learn to know them)

I'm starting there 1st of October. So I still have some months left at EcoOnline. I'm looking forward to further develop the Chemical Manager Mobile application and maybe help them find someone suitable for bringing my child into the future!